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plant kitch

our little canyon house

After living in the middle of Los Angeles for six years, we decided to move to one of the canyons outside the city. The commute is longer but the sunset hikes, mountain biking trails, falling asleep to owls, picking meyer lemons right off our own trees (3 of them!) and starting a vegetable garden has been such a beautiful addition to our lives. We were afraid no one would ever visit us out here but it’s actually become a retreat for our friends and family to get away from the city.

Decorating this little 1920’s gem has been a really fun project for me. To give you a sense of what it looked like before, I posted some photos at the bottom of the house when we were looking at it. And here are some recent photos I snapped of our holiday decor. Fun fact: we had a spare den so we created a music room and invite friends over to jam with us (Raphael is a musician. I am not… but hey, at least I try ;)


This was our home when we were looking at it. The bed in the living room was for one of the workers while they fixed it up, that is not actually our bedroom ha.