plant kitch
plant kitch
Let's make plants cool.

Hi, I'm Kristin.

I live in sunny Los Angeles, CA with my lovely husband. We're both full-time filmmakers but alongside my love for visual storytelling, I also love to get creative in my kitchen.

Fact: Last year, I completed a 120-hour culinary nutrition certification... for fun. Plant Kitch is a passion project I do simply because I love to share healthy plant-based recipes.

Add more plants to your plate. 

That's my motto. Plants get a bad rep: whether it's from your mom yelling "honey, eat your (mushy) vegetables" to your own mind forcing you to shove them down your throat on a fad diet, statistics show that only 1 in 10 adults actually meets their daily requirement of veggies. Let's change this. Plants are essential for life: they are anti-aging (hello, enzymes), packed with nutrients, can cure multiple diseases and can actually save your life. They're basically superheroes.

I want to shine a new, delicious light on plants and all of their magic. 

I hope this recipe blog inspires you to feel your best & have more fun in your kitchen.

Peace & plants, 


This is Raphael. He's my #1 taste-tester & creative partner. If I ever post a beautiful cooking video, chances are he was behind the camera. He's the best.