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Travel + Cooking Videos

Some footage from our road trip through Oregon and Washington. If you haven't been, add the Pacific Northwest to your travel bucket list. It's breath-taking. Also: make sure to pack clothing for all weather scenarios...

We love to travel and capture beautiful footage, so for New Year's 2017-2018 we planned a trip to the Hoh Rainforest in Washington to explore with our cameras. This is also where we got engaged - so while you're watching this, know that I am oblivious throughout the entire video that he's about to propose - and Raphael is carrying a pound of rose petals in his camera bag.

This Stone Fruit & Mixed Berry Salad is a delicious summer dessert. Full recipe is under 'RECIPES' on this blog as well.


That time we jumped in the Fjord behind our rental home in Reine, Norway while it was snowing... I'm not going to lie, this was hella-cold (but also really fun).